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Lunch & Nutrition

Lunch Program

We believe it is very beneficial for students to go home for lunch to have a break from the school routine.  We appreciate this is not always possible and therefore we offer a lunch hour service that is paid for by people using the program.  Students supply their own lunches and the school hires lunchroom supervisors to supervise the children staying for lunch. 

It is district policy that the lunchroom program is to be provided at no-cost to schools or the school board, therefore it is the fee's paid by attendees that supports this program. The monthly lunchroom program cost is $13.50/student. Students who stay occasionally are charged $2.00 per day. The lunchroom fee is payable to Dunluce School at the beginning of each month. Receipts will be issued when monthly fees are paid. Please keep your receipts for Tax purposes. Only one receipt will be issued. The yearly rate is $135.00/child if paid before September 30. We accept Debit, VISA and MasterCard for payment.

At our school students in grades 4 to 6 play first (11:26 to 11:50) and then eat their lunch.  Our younger students in grades 1 through 3, eat first then go outside to play (11:50 to 12:15) .  Since adopting this format of lunch hour routine, we have seen a significant drop in behavioural issues over the lunch hour.  All students who go home for lunch are not to return to school until 12:10 PM or later.  

11:26 am         Recess/Home for lunch (and intramurals or activities as scheduled)

11:50 am         Bell/whistle to line-up for lunch

Noon               Inside to wash hands and go to lunchrooms

12:10               Earliest students who go home for lunch can return to the playground

12:15               Bell for start of afternoon classes

If your child usually stays for lunch, please let the office know when your child will be absent from the lunch program. (For example going to a friend's house for lunch). All students who stay at school during lunch are not allowed to leave school property, unless they have a written note form parents authorizing them to do so.

Hot Lunch Days

Once a month our School Council organizes a hot lunch day. On these days students who are participating in the hot lunch can stay and enjoy the lunchtime activities.